Speakers' Schedule


May 2017

This month we will be hosting a table at the Maker Faire.

We have tentatively scheduled a workshop the following Saturday at Stanford for interested newbies.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

The next regular meeting will be held in June.


     We're looking for volunteers to develop program material and serve booth duty at Maker Faire!  Contact Ting or if you don't know how, email Kevin at the address at the bottom.
     The Maker Faire will serve instead of the May meeting.


     Andreas will have copies of "Australian Forth Symposium" and the 'Book of the Month' for sale at the meeting for $10 a copy.
     Have a look at the gallery:


     Do you want to join the fun remotely?  Email me if you're interested in participating in Q & A this month.  We may not overcome the technical challanges, but it's worth a shot.  If you're interested in any of these topics and you're likely to ask a question let us know in advance.  Email Kevin at the address at the bottom.


      We will be streaming the meeting to YouTube.  The stream can be found
at our YouTube account:

      Many previous meetings are available as well!

You can find more by using YouTube's search function:


SVFIG meets on the fourth Saturday of each month with the following exceptions:
     November's and December's meetings are on third Saturday of the month.
     The Maker Faire will serve instead of the May meeting.


If you are planning to attend, please go to Meetup.com and register for the meeting.

There is no need to register if you are not attending.


1) Print yourself a map so you can find the building easily.  If you get lost, call Kevin Appert at 650.678.0532
2)  The SVFIG web site has additional online information including maps:
3) Suggested parking is in the small lot near the intersection of Santa Teresa St and Lomita Dr.  There is no need to feed any meters on the weekends.  Do NOT park in any place marked with 24/7 restrictions!  Most other places are okay on Saturdays.  Read the signs!


This page is for the schedule and coming attractions only, other details will be in the email announcement and online here:   http://www.forth.org/svfig/next.html
Links, PowerPoint, PDFs, and source files from previous months'  meeting are on the SVFIG website.  All this and video from Forth Days are on the SVFIG website too!  Several years of SVFIG meetings are on YouTube for your Forthish pleasure.


Coming in June:
  --- Forth Haiku --- Brad Nelson (Tentative)
  Brad will flip through a few of the latest Forth Haiku.


Meeting Schedule



11:30 --- Lunch
We'll have lunch at the Treehouse.


     Do we try to stick to the schedule?  Yes, but you shouldn't stake your steak on it.  Slip happens.  Sometimes somebody runs a little long.  We tell speakers that they can punch out if they run out of gas.  (not quite a mixed metaphor if it's avgas)
     Once in a while we shuffle things around.   If you're desperate to see a particular thing at a particular time please mention it and we'll try to accommodate you. 

The schedule above may be reformatted or line-justified but please transmit it verbatim and in its entirety or not at all.  A link to this page is preferred.

No Newsgroup posts or other media distribution please!  Contact me and we'll discuss it BEFORE you proceed.

      This page is produced by Kevin Appert,  the SVFIG Program Chairman. 
      This page is distinct from the SVFIG and FIG websites which are produced by the SVFIG Webmaster, Dave Jaffe.  Comments and corrections are welcome.

Kevin's email:  forther.at.Comcast.dot.net

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